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Five Day Blog-to-Marketo-Email Challenge

Engage your subscribers and automate your email newsletter process in Marketo via Digesto.

The challenge only takes five days and costs just $99!

Enroll today!

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Is This Challenge for You?

Do you have a blog?

Do you have or would you like to have subscribers?

Do you have Marketo?

Would you like to email your subscribers blog post updates via Marketo? How about automating the entire process?

If you answered yes to the above, this challenge is definitely for you!

Join the Challenge!

How It Works

The challenge costs just $99 to join, and will provide you with step-by-step instructions along with everything you need to automate your blog emails into Marketo email sends via Digesto for one month… and much more!

Each day you’ll be sent a simple short instructional step-by-step video recorded by our Marketo experts explaining your task for the day. We’ll also link to written versions with visuals and screenshots.

You’ll have full access to our team of MCEs if you hit any snags with the daily task. Plus, tons of bonus materials valued at a total of $6,734 as outlined below!

And it’s that simple—by the end of the week, you’ll be up and running

Video Coaching

Five Days of Video Coaching with Our Marketo Experts

Watch and follow along every step of the way with a new easy-to-follow step-by-step video each day. The challenge is broken down into five parts, requiring as little as five-to-ten minutes to implement each day.
Video Coaching

Thirty Days of Live Support and Coaching from a Marketo Certified Expert

Each daily video lesson comes with fully documented articles with screenshots for easy referral. But if you get stuck at any point, no worries - our Marketo Certified Experts are only an email away, offering full support via email or can hop on a screenshare to walk you through it personally.
Marketo Certified Expert - MCE
Marketo Master Templates
Marketo Engage

Nine Master Marketo Templates (Including Five Emails, Four Landing Pages)

Impress your audience with new email and landing page templates, professionally designed and tested. All of Perkuto's Master Marketo templates included here are easy to use, customizable, and responsive across devices — you can use them in any of your marketing initiatives. Also included is Perkuto's ``Making the Most of Marketo 2.0 Email Editor`` guide.
Marketo Master Templates

Sixteen Digesto Email Templates with Corresponding Marketo Email Templates

Sixteen fully customizable Digesto email templates with corresponding Marketo email templates, allowing you to customize the blog elements, length, date format, and structure of your RSS email to your subscribers. Digesto emails are designed to be responsive for mobile, and adapt to your subscriber’s device(s).
Digesto templates
Digesto Emails

One Month Digesto Subscription

One month subscription of Digesto, the #1 blog subscription application for Marketo. Digesto recognizes when a new blog post is published, and leverages Marketo to deliver it straight to the inbox of your followers. You maintain full control over the email template, distribution frequency, and multiple feeds – all in one unified application.
Digesto Emails

Bonus: Attribution and Reporting Training

Bonus training on reporting and analytics, including how to create reports in Marketo, as well as setting UTM tracking for Google Analytics. Learn how to add tracking codes to your URLs and track your source, medium, and campaign name, or any other custom parameter. Digesto also dynamically inserts your feed name and distribution date/time in the tracking code.