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Give your blog content the attention it deserves

Engage your subscribers with Digesto, the #1 blog subscription application for Marketo. Digesto recognizes when a new blog post is published, and leverages Marketo to deliver it straight to the inbox of your followers. You maintain full control over the email template, distribution frequency, and multiple feeds – All in one unified application.

Smart scheduler

Once it’s turned on, Digesto will automatically run in the background to detect new content and only send out new posts. Set the frequency that fits your email marketing schedule best - From a few times per month to real-time updates.

Responsive and customizable

Leverage your Marketo templates to build post email, blog newsletter or news feed in line with your branding, or simply pick from our template library. You can determine the maximum number of new posts you’d like to share, and fully customize blog elements, length, date format, and structure of your RSS email. Digesto emails are designed to be responsive for mobile, and adapt to your subscriber’s device.
Digesto templates

Effortless newsletter creation

With Digesto you can easily combine your best performing and most relevant blog posts into one newsletter. Let subscribers decide how often they would like to receive emails from you, or set the frequency yourself.
Digesto templates

Seamless Integration

The seamless integration with Marketo allows you to capture subscribers using your preferred marketing automation tool, and view your email performance in Marketo Analytics. All subscriber activity is fully tracked in one system - from email delivery to lead scoring and conversion.
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Social RSS emails

Increase email performance and content engagement with the Social Sharing feature. Enable your subscribers to share your blog posts directly from their inbox across their favorite social media channels, and spread the love with their friends, followers, and colleagues.

Highly personalized RSS emails

Digesto lets you manage multiple RSS feeds in one application, enabling you to send highly personalized blog content to your subscribers. Centralize your blog content distribution across multiple brands or products, and send blog emails based on your subscriber’s preferred schedule, location, language or persona.
Digesto Emails

UTM encoding

Digesto supports UTM tracking for Google Analytics. Simply add tracking codes to your URLs and track your source, medium, and campaign name, or any other custom parameter. Digesto also dynamically inserts your feed name and distribution date/time in the tracking code.