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Our team is dedicated to your success: by email, over virtual sessions or by phone - every client gets access to premium support. Need help to get it off the ground? We will prepare your template, set up your digest and test it all out for you.
CMS Agnostic
With our blog newsletter solution it doesn’t matter whether you use Drupal, Blogger or WordPress as Content Management System of your choice. Digesto loves all CMS and only needs a RSS or Atom feed.
#1 RSS-to-Email Launchpoint App
Digesto is the pioneer of RSS-to-Email Marketo Launchpoint applications. It was built by Marketo Experts for Marketo users and seamlessly integrates your favorite marketing automation platform.
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Launched in 2014, Digesto has more than 100 customers to date. Our client retention rate of 92% speaks for itself!
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As a Digesto user you’re not alone. Our community is packed with great tools and tips to get the most out of your subscription. Tutorials, forums and guides ready for you to ensure a quick take-off.

DiscoverOrg Digesto

DiscoveryOrg’s marketing team was looking to automate and update their blog subscription messaging while keeping it on brand, all while integrating their subscriber management capabilities with website analytics and tracking their Marketo instance. Shortly after implementing Digesto and using its Smart Scheduler, they had everything in place and ready to go, along with all their metrics closely monitored in Marketo.

“I haven’t even opened Digesto since I started using it. That’s how great it is. Everything works as expected.”
– Franklin Bear, Marketing Operations Manager, DiscoverOrg

Institutional Real Estate Digesto

IREI’s marketing team was looking to unify their 7 RSS feeds from FeedBurner into one tool and gain insight into their subscriber activities, while having full control over the layout and branding of their emails. Within 10 days after contacting Perkuto about Digesto, they had the app installed, subscription center built, templates created, and went live with their new RSS-to-Email solution.

IREI achieved 3 digits increase in blog subscription

Full control of RSS email schedule and frequency

Better promotion of different news feeds

News feed as lead generation tool

Give your blog posts the attention they deserve.

Start testing the #1 RSS-to-Email application for Marketo today with our free trial!


Give your blog posts the attention they deserve.

Start testing the #1 RSS-to-Email application for Marketo today with our free trial!